Welcome to the blog of a photographer who will let you peek through the window into her mind and allow you to see the things that are going on in there. When people ask me what it is that I am doing and what I need them to do, there is only so much instruction that I can give, before I have to say, “It’s in my head, I can see what it is that I want.” I also never get tired of the feeling I get when I see the images coming to life and I can physically have a print in my hand. Everyone will probably say this about their images, that every image is special and so amazing. That may be true, but it’s true for me because in every image there is a piece of me. A piece that I have physically made, or a paint strip i’ve painted with my own hand, even a piece of my mind and the things that I can not say out loud. Creating art is the only thing that I can think of myself doing, and working with other individuals that are creating art as well is my favorite part.

I decided to enter the world of fashion, I’ve loved it since I was a kid. Understanding the cuts and patterns, the color choices and why they’ve chosen these things keeps me coming back for more every time. Even more so the success that comes with it, watching the gathering of people in a single place to watch these pieces in a single line flow through a runway is my little paradise. I’m always mesmerized by the way that each piece works individually as well as a whole collection and it never seems to be long enough. I’ve gotten to watch and experience it here in Arizona, where i’ve grown up and lived a majority of my life. But I think that it’s time, it’s time to see it bigger and better. It’s time to see the world, my mind runs while imaging the things that I will get to see and experience. So for now, I’ll work hard to get where I want to be and work to be stunned by the things that others create and see the things that others create in new different places.

-Crystal Maldonado


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