I was sitting in front of the computer, looking at my portfolio as a whole and continued to look at the lack of color. I then started to think on how i could integrate color into my portfolio, I went into research mode and started to look in various place. I knew two things in doing my research and that was that I was going to need it to be very colorful and also that I was interested in photographing someone that was younger than those who I have photographed and include that into my portfolio. I was inspired by the idea of a large bow and confetti and after that it all kind of fell together. I knew that I was throwing a party.

Brooke was someone that i’ve been wanting to work with for a while and when I came to her with this idea she was excited to make it happen and that she was able to be a part of it. As we continued to talk she started to tell me about her blog and what she hoped to do with it because of her experience in working with multiple photographers in the valley. She also mentioned that in the start of her new blog she doesn’t model very much unless the idea is a something different. IMG_0496IMG_0510IMG_0490

This photo session didn’t become my favorite because of the amazing pictures that came out exactly what was in my head, but more so because I have met the most amazing team. Speaking to Shannel(pictured in stripes) who was is an amazing hairstylist was easy and she was on board from the start and because of her I met her talented colleague Laura(pictured in black)  who did make up. These two have the perfect chemistry, perfectly working around each other, it’s like they can read each others minds. What stood out to me the most was their ability to create their art. I went to them with ideas and my concept and overall what I wanted and they were able to achieve even better, because they were able to take what I gave them and create something completely their own. Adding to these photographs a piece of who they were as artists and it was the best addition I could have made to my team.







Till this day we laugh over the lies we tell sometimes as artists. Shannel and Laura were finishing make up and hair on Brooke and as Shannel looked over she saw the next set. In complete shock she says, ” This is how you do these things? I’ve been lied to, this is incredible!” Being able to put some hard work into my photos and adding a little piece of something that i’ve put together is a part of portraying the stories I tell and I hope that it’s a skill set I will be able to put into use more often.



 _DSC3352_2 _DSC3337_2



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